How do I handle a girl with no brains?

My answer to How do I handle a girl with no brains?

Answer by Tushar Gaikwad:

First of all my mate let me tell you, we all are not Einstein to call some one stupid or tell them that they don't have brains, but no matter how pretty she is, it would really screw up your happiness to have a girl who is dumb. The combination of beauty with brain is rare and you will not always be lucky to find it. That is why, you must never fall for just looks. If you judge a girl by her face, you may get into lots of girls problems. A pretty face is not a passport to a successful friendship or relationship

If you think your girl is dumb, she is not only an embarrassment but also a liability. Besides, your friendship with a less than average intelligent girl can never be permanent. If you think your girl is dumb, you cannot find a companion in her. She remains your arm candy. That is why, you should buck up and take some steps if your girl is serious lacking in IQ.

I don't know it will work or not peacefully but here are some things you can try to do if you think your girl have no brains.

Educate Her- It is your duty not just as her friend, but as a fellow human being to try and help her. At least try to make her realize that she is stupid and needs to do something about it. For example, if she has bad general knowledge you could try to educate her a little. You cannot feed her brain, but at least you can help her develop her personality.

Inspire Her- You must try to inspire her to do better. Sometimes, your girl might not be really dumb, but lack confidence and some interpersonal skills. You can help her interact with other people and give a boost to her confidence.

At Least She Is Arm Candy- You can also be selfish and enjoy the friendship while it lasts. A dumb girl will cause many girlfriend problems but at least she is your arm candy. So enjoy flaunting her to your friends while the stint lasts.

Hide Her- You could also do the opposite by hiding her from your friend circle so that she doesn't cause you any embarrassment. Like the previous option, this one too is short lived. Your girl is dumb, so she may not realize that you are embarrassed by her. But your friends are smart enough to find out sooner or later.

Dump Her- If you really think that you don't deserve such a dumb girl, dump her. You may break her heart once but at least don't cheat yourself by staying in the friendship or relationship. Besides you don't have to tell your girl that she is dumb. You can just say that you two are incompatible. These are things that you can do when you land up with a girl who is dumb. But it best to never get involved with a girl who doesn't match your intellect so that you avoid many girl friend problems.

Personally, I too have a girl friend who is seriously lacking behind with GK (Not Brains, every human being have brains), but I really don't feel there is any problem to be with her, she is amazing in other things, and not less she make me deadly laugh and happy with her stupid things at same time even I want it or not. These things makes her more cute, I admit not only me but all my other friends really like her a lot and love to spend time with her. I never scare to introduce her to my other friends although I feel proud on her.

Peace and Respect.

How do I handle a girl with no brains?


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